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A Treasurer’s Salvation

In Acts 8:26, the angel of the Lord tells a preacher named Philip to leave Samaria, north of Jerusalem, and travel southwest, to the road that leads from Jerusalem to Gaza. On that road, Philip meets a government official—a treasurer—from Ethiopia. He’......

The Power of the Word of God

While in Ardmore, Oklahoma, a sister in Christ related an interesting episode about the late brother J.W. Chism. Many years before, Henry Stetson (related to the Texas hat maker of that name), came into Oklahoma preaching for the Baptists, enjoying great crowds wherever he pr......

The Lord's Army

We sing a song in Bible school, “I’m in the Lord’s army.”  I can only find reference to the army of the Lord in Revelation 19; however, 2 Timothy 2:3 calls us soldiers of Jesus Christ. Being a soldier of Christ therefore puts us in His army.